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Business Tourism

Szczecin is a perfect place to organize all kinds of business events. People from the farthest corners of the world meet here, at the crossroads of Europe's most important transport routes. Diverse culture and unique climate foster to organize trainings, negotiations or symposiums. Our conference facilities and meeting rooms in hotels are well prepared to handle both small groups and teams of several hundred. New investments, such as Sport Entertainment Hall, whether the new Concert Hall, create possibilities of organizing large congresses.

Conference rooms

Hotel Focus

Hotel Focus
Hotel Focus Szczecin is located in a stately part of the city, in the vicinity of Chrobry Embankment with the Maritime Academy, Contemporary Theatre, and the Provincial Government Offices erected in 1906.

Location enables our guests easy access to the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, theatres, and the Galaxy shopping centre. Our hotel occupies a redecorated monumental building dating back to the year 1909. Focus Hotel offers 3 conference rooms for 70, 44 and 12 people. The conference rooms equipment: screen, multimedia flipchart, sound system, LCD TV, DVD, fee-free Wi-Fi and the access to Box Office, multimedia projector.

Focus Hotel
ul. Małopolska 23, 70-515 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 433 05 00
fax +48 91 484 97 43

Hotel Novotel

Hotel Novotel
Extensive experience and expertise count, and Novotel have both. Novotel Szczecin Centrum can organize meetings for up to 180 persons. With the Meeting@Novotel offer, Novotel promises the right solution to meet every need. General equipment: udio and video equipment, day light, verhead projector, air-conditioned meeting room video equipment, high speed transmission line, WIFI Wireless Internet access, simultaneous interpreting on request. Novotel hotel offers 8 conference rooms with an area from 20 to 182 m2.

Novotel Hotel
al. 3 Maja 31
70-215 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 480-14-00
Fax. +48 91 480-14-44

Park Hotel

Park Hotel
Business professionals can take advantage of two air-conditioned multifunctional rooms equipped with up-to-date audiovisual facilities and a wireless broadband connection. Each room can be totally blackened and arranged to suit specific needs.

Delicious snacks and excellent items on our menu can add spice to any business meeting. After a tiresome conference, pamper yourself with a visit to the SPA.The large room with a view of the park is a perfect venue for conferences and training sessions. Equipped with multimedia facilities, it can seat up to 130 people.The Fireplace Room is ideal for multimedia presentations or smaller business meetings and training sessions.

The rooms can be arranged for other occasional meetings. A banquet, wedding reception, First Communion dinner party or just a friends gathering — whatever the occasion, we take care of every detail to suit your needs.

"Park Hotel" Sp. z o.o.
Plantowa str. 1, 70-527 Szczecin
tel. +4891 434 00 50

Hotel Radisson

Radisson Hotel
Hotel Radisson Hotel Blu is located in the heart of the city. It takes only 10 minutes of walk to get to biggest tourist attractions. We stay in direct neighborhood of modern shopping- centers and the biggest communications routes. Airports in Goleniów (40 km away) and in Berlin (130 km) guarantee easy access to fly- connections.

Our nine universal conference rooms with total surface of 1013 m², facilitated with the highest quality multimedia appliances and wireless Internet access, make possible to receive even 750 participants at the same time. You can find by us interiors suitable to every occasions starting from small rooms, perfect for carrying out for example job interviews, to big enough to welcome 300 guests. Professional service and experienced personnel guarantee comfort by planning and organizing every event.

For our customers we prepare “tailor made offers’-flexible solutions that fit needs of each customer. We can create ideal conditions for work full of focus as well as
for deep relax in comfort surrounding in hotel’s restaurants, bars, fitness club with swimming pool and sauna. Our hotel is directly connected with Balltica Wellness & Spa- the biggest on Western Pomerania’s Center of Health and Beauty.

Radisson Hotel
pl. Rodła 10
70-419 Szczecin
tel. + 48 91 35 95 102
fax + 48 91 35 95 018



SZTUKAteria is located on a small street in the center of Szczecin where our guest can rest in a calm and charming atmosphere. There are two air-conditioned conference rooms for 40-50 persons. Conference rooms are well equipped in computers, projectors, screens, flipcharts. We serve coffee breaks for the groups. You can organize here conferences, training courses, business meetings. We offer a very convenient place for a competitive price.


Dom Pracy Twórczej
ul. Śląska 4
70-562 Szczecin
tel. 918511911; 664080233

Hotel Silver

Silver Hotel  
Silver to butikowy hotel w klimacie Formuły 1, położony w pobliżu Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego i głównych szlaków komunikacyjnych. Przy hotelu znajduje się nowy, kryty tor kartingowy. Ponadto hotel dysponuje 3 salami konferencyjnymi i włoską restauracją FERRINA. Na terenie obiektu darmowa sieć WiFi. Dla gości hotelowych istnieje możliwość nieodpłatnego korzystania z basenu oraz SPA. Silver to idealne miejsce na imprezy firmowe, szkolenia, konferencje, wesela. Hotel jest w stanie zorganizować spotkania dla maks. 180 osób. Wyposażenie sal konferencyjnych to: projektor multimedialny, flipchart, ekran, internet na sali, klimatyzacja, nagłośnienie, zaciemnienie. Spotkanie można zorganizować w jednej z trzech sal dla maksymalnej liczby 170 gości.

Silver Hotel
Rondo Hermana Hakena,
70-001 Szczecin
Tel. + 48 91 441 25 00      ,
faks + 48 91 441 25 70
E-mail: rezerwacja@silverhotel.pl

Ośrodek Szkoleniowo-Badawczy w Zakresie Energii Odnawialnej w Ostoi

Training and Research Centre of Renewable Energy in Ostoja

The centre in Ostoja is housed in a restored historical palace - park outside of Szczecin, just 8 km from the city center. Location in the immediate vicinity of the town provides fast communication with the center, while the park surrounding the mansion creates ideal conditions for creative and intellectual work, as well as a place to rest.


Center buildings have been equipped with modern equipment and technical solutions using renewable energy sources such as heat pump, solar panels, biomass boiler, photovoltaics. Whole property has been the venue for lectures, training courses, conferences, seminars, as well as various kinds of meetings.
We provide an attractive location, clean air, lots of greenery and peace and quiet, and all for an affordable price. The center includes: conference rooms for 80 people, a seminar room for 20 persons and a dining room with bar for 40 people. At the resort's car park, BBQ, and focal circle the pond.

Training and Research in the Field of Renewable Energy
Ostoja 10
72-005 Szczecin
Tel. +48 91 483 54 50 / 603 356 070


Międzynarodowe Targi Szczecińskie

Szczecin International Fair
Szczecin International Fair offers the biggest congressional and exhibition surface in Western Pomerania. The facility has great possibilities of arranging the indoor halls (5000 m2) and external area (20 000 m2).


The object is used for organising fairs, conferences, balls, banquettes, concerts and exhibitions. Szczecin International Fair provides: transport and lodging for participants, catering and halls decoration, professional protection, additional attractions prepared according to individual needs, graphic, artistic and promotion services, audiovisual, simultaneous translation and essential conference equipment


The object is fully adapted for disabled people.
Szczecin International Fair
ul. Struga 6-8
70-777 Szczecin
tel. +48 91 464 44 01
fax +48 91 464 44 02

Hala Opery

Opera Hall
Temporary headquarters building of Opera at the Castle was designed to outline a rectangle measuring 38x78m. The whole is based on a modern, lightweight steel construction, modular, designed to further extend or dismantle and move to another location. The plot is situated in a Miedzyodrze - Island Grodzka - Lasztownia. It is the perfect location for the gateway to the city, within walking distance of Old Town and the immediate vicinity of the historic building of the Customs Office. There is parking for 90 cars and a bus.

The temporary seat of the Opera at the Castle is divided into four functional zones. Zone One - Input: changing rooms, toilets (adapted for disabled people), the point of ticket sales, refreshment room, and extensive protection foyer (approx. 336 m2), in which you can easily organize exhibitions, promotions and other special events. The second zone - the audience - through two wide corridors. Here is a tribune with a capacity of 562 spectators, on top of which is the room for the director, acoustics and oświetleniowca. Before the grandstand, below its lowest level, the orchestra was located separate removable walls. In the case of a conference or concert, you can adapt it to the place of the public.

Another area is the scene (at a height of 1.4 m) equipped with the most modern stage technology, containing min. 3 sztankiety mount decoration with electric winches, bridges, lighting and automatic curtain. The scene has its own gate side, automatically opened. Last zone is located behind the stage stage facilities available from the scene and direct dial outside. There are dressing rooms, among others. for soloists, ballet, choir, orchestra, each of which has an individual space for preparation and mirror tape.

Opera Hall
ul. Energetyków 40

Investments in progress

Hala widowiskowo-sportowa

Sport Entertainment Hall
The main use of the building is organising sporting events of local, national and international range. Moreover, the arena is used for concerts and gala shows. Additionally, the object is to function as a place for organizing business conferences. There will also be a big fitness complex with a gymnasium

  • Air-conditioned hall with a mobile surface of 2350 m2 ;
    5.248 seats on tribunes and 2000 places which can be held on the pitch;
    Restaurant for 130 people;
    2 conference rooms for 224 people each;
    Rooms for journalists and interpreters’ booths;
    VIP rooms;
    600 parking places;
    8 parking places for buses;
    Fitness hall, gym, beauty centre



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